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CIF-SS Participation Survey

What is Education Code section 221.91

• Education Code Section 221.9 requires that beginning in the 2015-16 school year and every year after, all public primary, secondary, and charter schools offering competitive interscholastic athletics in California must report on their school website (or district website if no school site exists) information about boys’ and girls’ athletic participation by the end of each school year.2

• If a charter school does not maintain an Internet website, the charter school must submit the information to its charter operator. What data must be published under Education Code Section 221.9? • Total Enrollment of Students by Gender: Number of boys and girls enrolled in the school

• Athletes by Gender: Number of boys and girls who play competitive sports at the school

• Teams by Gender, Sports & Level: Number of boys’ and girls’ teams, classified by sport and competition level

• The reported number of athletes should reflect the total number of players on the team roster on the official first day of competition.3

• When posted, the information must be disaggregated by school site. What Records Must a School District or Charter School Retain under Education Code Section 221.9

• The materials used by the school to compile the data required by Education Code section 221.9 must be retained by the school for at least three years after the information is posted on the Internet.

School Name: Arlington
City: Riverside
CIF Section: CIF-SS
Public/Private/Charter: Public Private Charter *
Athletic Director:  *
Athletic Director E-mail:  *
Principal:  *
Principal E-mail:  *
Superintendent:  *
Superintendent E-mail:  *
Total Student Enrollment: Boys:  Girls:  *
1. Please provide figures for the total number of coaches across all levels in your entire program.
Example, if an individual coaches football in the fall and softball in the spring, please count him/her as two coaches.
Additionally, please separate your coaches into on-campus and off-campus.2. “Boy Participants” and “Girl Participants” should be calculated based upon the maximum number of individuals who participated
in the sport for any length of time during the 2018-19 school year.

3. “Boy Participants” and “Girl Participants” are representative of interscholastic athletics (NOT intramural or club).
Count a student for every sport in which he/she participates.

4. Please provide figures for any of the listed sports offered by your high school, regardless of whether it is sanctioned by the CIF.

5. If your high school includes only 10th through 12th grades, but 9th grade students participate on your high school’s teams, please
include their number in the participation figures.

Total number of on-campus PAID Coaches:  *
Total number of on-campus UNPAID Coaches:  *
Total number of off-campus PAID Coaches:  *
Total number of off-campus UNPAID Coaches:  *
Total number of Coaches Employed:  *
Total Number of MALE Head Coaches coaching FEMALE athletic teams:  *
Total Number of FEMALE Head Coaches coaching MALE athletic teams:  *
Is your Athletic Director Male or Female?: Male Female *
Athletic Director Position is: Full-Time Part-Time *
Do you have an Assistant Athletic Director Position: Yes No *
Number of Release Periods for Athletic Director:  *
Years as High School Athletic Director: First Year 2-4 Years 5-9 Years 10 or more *
Do you have an Athletic Trainer on staff? None Full-Time Year Round 0-10 Hours/Week 11-20 Hours/Week 21-30 Hours/Week 31+ Hours/Week *
Is your Athletic Trainer ATC Certified? Yes No I don’t know *
Does your school have an AED on Campus? Yes No *
First Day of School:   *
Last Day of School:   *
Graduation Date:   *
Sport Male Participants Female Participants # of Male Teams # of Female Teams
Cross Country
Field Hockey
Football – 11 player
Football – 8 player
Skiing – Alpine
Skiing – Cross Ctry
Swimming & Diving
Track & Field
Water Polo
Sport Male Participants Female Participants # of Male Teams # of Female Teams
Cheer – Traditional Competitive
Cheer – Competitive Sport
Cheer – Sideline
Figure Skating
Flag Football
Football 6-player
Ice Hockey
Martial Arts
Mountain Biking
Rock Climbing
Roller Derby
Roller Hockey
Sand Volleyball
Slow Pitch Softball
Trap Shooting
Ultimate Frisbee
Unified Sports Teams
Adapted Baseball
Adapted Bowling
Adapted Soccer
Adapted Softball
Adapted Swim
Adapted Track
NFHS Activities TOTAL
Policy Debate
Lincoln Douglas Debate
Individual Events
Group Interpretation
Drill Team
Pom Pom Squad
Dance Team