all · – REGISTER ONLINE to be cleared for Activities and Athletics

Students must have a yearly physical to participate in all athletic programs, cheer, dance, color-guard, band, orchestra and ROTC.  Students will register through to complete the clearance packet.  As you go through the process of registering with  you will be able to upload the physical form (3 pages) but will have to save your progress, attend an appointment by a qualified Health-Care Provider (MD, PA, DO, or NP) then go back and finish the registration process by uploading the completed physical form (all 3 pages must be uploaded).  If you prefer to have the physical form before you register you can click here to print the most updated physical form prior to your appointment.

To be cleared Students and Guardians must sign the Assumption of Risk -COVID 19 Waiver.  If you have a physical that has not expired a Waiver is still required before being cleared for the 2020-2021 school year.  Click here to print out Assumption of Risk – COVID 19 Waiver (all students and parents must sign a waiver to participate).

Important Reminders:

  • will send an email to let you know if you are cleared or not cleared, so make sure all emails are correct when registering (the student and Parent email is required).
  • Parent/guardian/student signatures are required on the student-athlete risk acknowledgement page.  The parent/guardian and student must both initial all signature lines pertaining to the following: report all injuries, understand CIF Heat Illness Information, understand Prescription Opioid Fact Information, understand CIF Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information, and understand the Dangers of Steroids.  The bottom part requires initials after you have read the CIF/CDC concussion fact sheets for student-athletes including reporting all symptoms related to a concussion and understanding the severity of a concussion.
  • The Health-Care Provider who conducts the Physical must be a licensed Medical Doctor (MD), Physician’s Assistant (PA),  Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) or a Nurse Practitioner (NP).
  • The Physical Form must be STAMPED with the Health Care Providers Information (Dr. name/clinic name/clinic address/phone #)
  • The entire Physical Form (3 pages) must be uploaded to  Pg. 1: The Physical Form (Health-Care Provider signs) Pg. 2 & 3: Pre-Participation History Form (student/parent or guardian fill out and sign).  Take a picture or scan the forms, save to computer then upload to
  • When you register with  proof of insurance is required and a policy number must be entered to continue registering.  If you do not have insurance you can sign up with Pacific Educators Insurance Services.  Apply online at or print out an application by clicking here and email applications to or call (800) 722-3365

If the above steps are not completed the student will not be cleared to participate and will receive an email stating they are NOT CLEARED.  Students will need to log back into their account and fix the following areas then re-submit for clearance.

Click here to view the video.  The video will walk you through the registration process.

We do not have a date for activities/athletics to begin but we want all students ready when we get the green light.  Please start this process now!  REGISTER through

If you need assistance, message the Assistant Principal of Athletics and Facilities, Dr. Tacy Duncan through the Arlington Athletics Instagram page or email